Hello everyone, this is Jonah, the English cycling guide at Oasa Mobility Station. With 5 years of guiding experience in this town, I would like to share with you why I love being a guide.

I spent 10 years, from my teens to my young adult years, in the United States, where I learned to appreciate diversity and see beyond cultural differences. This experience has profoundly shaped my worldview, and I feel it's my mission to share this perspective back home in Japan.

As a guide in Oasa, I have the unique opportunity to introduce our visitors to what I call "Untouched Japan." Here, you'll experience authentic Japanese life away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. My tours highlight local gems such as the spectacular view of the town from a mountaintop, the charming rice fields, and delightful encounters with the locals.

A rice field and farmhouses with a bike close to the camera under a cloudless blue sky in Oasa.
Experience the serene beauty of rural Oasa.

One of my favorite memories is guiding a couple from Europe who enjoyed an unexpected summer shower. Despite the surprise, they found joy in the experience, appreciating Japan where even the rain can be a blessing. Moments like these make me realize the profound impact of sharing my home with others.

A couple enjoying a warm and refreshing summer shower in Oasa.
Embracing the unexpected: A couple enjoying a summer shower.

But it's not just about showing my guests the beauty of Oasa. It's also about inspiring the local community, especially the younger generation. By meeting people from all over the world, they learn about different cultures and see that we are all essentially the same.

Jonah Oshio and a man from Africa, both smiling warmly after meeting for the first time.
Connecting cultures: A moment of joy with a new friend from Africa.

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